Meble projekty i wykonanie

A variety of high-quality greenhouses

A Green Cabin is certainly a greenhouse, but not only ... As our MSc. Fuksjarz said is a unique, exclusive, luxurious, modern, effective, designer, technologically advanced, fulfills many functions and has multiple uses. I don't know if you can write better, especially since we only know some of these applications, others we can guess and others will show us life. Due to its mobility, we can define it as a backyard, balcony, garden or terrace greenhouse. Looking to the future: office and living room greenhouse, showroom or exhibition greenhouse. And because of its light, the greenhouse is suitable for both bright and shaded places, i.e. almost anywhere. In a luxurious loft, elegant reception or even in a SPA. Or maybe as long, ending with a greenhouse for a millionaire, referring to the entry - "We will paint the greenhouse handle the color of your Maserati! At least we will try.

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